Help Reorganize Spotlight's Storage Unit

This Friday, 10/7/22 from 9am-2pm

Other dates TBA


23025 NE 8th St, UNIT 30, Sammamish, WA 98074

Spotlight Repertory NW, based in Sammamish, delivers premier community music and performing arts for the communities within the Eastside and Seattle. We create energizing, high quality music productions!

Please help us reorganize our storage unit and make it easier to access our numerous stage props and costumes so that we can more easily service the surrounding communities.

Any amount of help is appreciated!

Activities include:
1. Empty out storage unit (portable stage, speakers, media equipment, props, plastic shelving, boxes - some heavy lifting)
2. Take inventory of costumes and props
3. Assemble heavy duty shelving (tools needed, electric screwdriver)
4. Label new plastic bins
5. Create/update Excel spreadsheet to track prop location within storage unit (laptop provided)
6. Sort costumes into new bins or for cleaning
7. Organize stage & bins on new shelves

Please browse around our website to see us in action and read-on to learn more about Spotlight's impact on our surrounding communities:

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